Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Happy 40th Birthday Rubik Cube!

If anyone was paying attention to Google yesterday they would have noticed that it was the 40th birthday of the Rubik Cube. One of our year group has a very special talent when it comes to solving the puzzle, have a look at some of the pictures. It took him 2 minutes and 23 seconds to complete but his record is around just over 1 and a half minutes, that is super fast! Well done Arvin!  Have any of you got some hidden talents which you can share with us?

I will try and post the video but am having trouble at the moment as it is too big!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Our Book Bus!

Here at Chatsworth Primary School our library is a little different from most other schools............ it's a library bus! We have had the bus in our playground since 2012 and the inside has all the library books and seating for us to read our favourite books! We love to update our library with new books all the time, so Quadbloggers, can you suggest your favourite book and tell us why it deserves a place on our very own library bus!? We will provide additional information about our bus with pictures inside later in the week.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Descriptive Writing Challenge

Can you think of any literary techniques to use to describe this picture?

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Monday Maths Group Treasure Hunt

This week we were looking at some logic and number problems within the class as part of a treasure hunt! It really worked well and we all really enjoyed the lesson. What was your favourite part of the lesson? How could we improve it?

There is another treasure hunt available on the school website here! Have a go at printing it out, cutting out the questions and getting your parents and carers to place them around your home! the link is here :  http://www.chatsworthprimaryschool.co.uk/mathemagicians-at-work/

If you get a chance to do it at home please share how you found the treasure hunt, better yet take some pictures of yourself doing it! You could even get your family to get involved as well!

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Literacy Homework

This week in our grammar sessions we have been looking at adding dashes, commas and brackets, can you use your knowledge of these to complete this activity? Good luck!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Toms Midnight Garden

Read through the book and then re-read chapter 4 and answer the following questions.
Top of p.31
Explain what it means when it says:  ‘He (Tom) would have to play a very careful game: by innocent – seeming references he must hit home…’ to shame his aunt and uncle.  What did Tom want to do? 
Define (write the meaning of) ‘indignantly’.
Why did Tom become very indignant on this page?
What was different this time when Tom tried to open the door to the garden? Explain as fully as you can.
Find 3 words or phrases on this page that describe exactly how Tom was feeling.
Top line on p.38
What does the word ‘matured’ mean in “Tom matured his plan”?
Why do you think Mrs. Bartholemew is smiling in her sleep?

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

1.Why does Dumbledore think it is so important for Harry to learn more about Voldemort’s past? How do they go about gathering this information?

Harry Potter and Order of The Phoenix

 Who can see thestrals?

Who or what attacks Harry in the alleyway in Little Whinging?
Where is the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix?
What position does Ron play on the Gryffindor Quidditch team?
 What happens to Marietta when she tells Umbridge about the D.A.?

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

What must Harry do in secret while at four Privet Drive?

What insulting statement does Aunt Marge make regarding Harry's mother?

What does Harry see each time before he find himself in danger?

Why does Professor Lupin give Harry chocolate on the Hogwarts Express Train?

Why does Harry fall off his broomstick in the game against Hufflepuff?

6JT Maths Homework Half Term

As part of your homework for over half term Year 6 you will need to provide detailed explanations to your answers for the above questions. Remember you are being judged on your calculations, organization and clarity of your work. Best of luck!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Year 5 group

Cartoon Character 48


Draw an X and Y axis -8 to 8


Draw each set of co-ordinates separately do not join (A) co-ordinates to (B) co-ordinates etc.


A) (0,-1) (-4,0) (-4½,1) (-4½,2) (-4,3) (-4,5) (-2,7) (2,7) (4,5) (4½,2) (4½,1) (4,0) (0,-1)

B) (-1½,1½) (-1½,1) (-½,½) (½,½) (1½,1) (1½,1½)

C) (0,2) (-½,2½) (-½,3) (½,3) (½,2½) (0,2) colour black

D) (-2,3) (-2,3½) (-1½,3½) (-1½,3) (-2,3) colour black

E)  (1½,3) (1½,3½) (2,3½) (2,3) (1½,3) colour black

F)  (-2,5) (-2,5½) (-2½,5) (-2½,4½) (-2,5) colour black

G) (2,5) (2,5½) (2½,5) (2½,4½) (2,5) colour black

H) (-3,6) (-3½,6) (-3½,7) (-2½,7) (-2½,6½)

I)   (3,6) (3½,6) (3½,7) (2½,7) (2½,6½)

J)  (4,0) (4,-½) (0,-1½) (-4,-½) (-4,0)

K) (-4,-½) (-5½,-3) (-5,-3½) (-4,-2)

L)  (-5½,-3) (-6,-5) (-5,-3½)

M) (-6,-5) (2,-5) (0,-2) (0,-1½) (1,-1½) (2½,-3) (3,-3) (3½,-2)

N) (3,-3) (4,-4) (3,-5) (2,-5)

O) (4,-4) (5,-2) (6,-5) (3,-5)

P)  (4,-½) (5,-2)

Q) (5½,-5) (5½,-7)

R) (-5,-5) (-5,-7)

Monday, 27 January 2014

Descriptive Writing Challenge!

Last week in year 6 we had a lot of fun writing some lovely descriptive writing. We used some awesome alliteration, super similes and some magical metaphors. This weeks writing challenge is for you to come up with a few sentences that really describe the picture above. How many different literary techniques can you use to make your writing as effective as possible? Good luck!

Cartoon Co-ordinates

Last week in class we were looking at some cartoons in our co-oridante work! Have at this one, which character from the picture is it?

Draw an X axis 0-15 and y axis 0-17


A)      (13,8) (13½,7) (14,8) (13½,9) (13,9) (12,11) (11,12) (9½,13) (10,13) (11,14) (11,15) (10½,16) (9½,16½) (9,16½) (8,16) (7½,15) (7½,14) (8,13) (4½,11) (4,12) (3,13) (2,13) (1,12) (1,11) (2,9½) (3,9½) (4,10) (3,8½) (3,7) (4,5) (5,6) (7½,6) (6½,7) (5½,9) (5½,10) (6½,11½) (8,10½) (8,12) (10,12) (11½,10½) (12,9) (13,9)

B)     (13½,8½) (12½,7½)

C)     (9,10½)  (9½,11)  (10½,9½) (9,9) (9,9½)

D)     (10½,9½) (11,7½) (10,7) (9,9)

E)     (10,8) (10½,8½) (10,9) (9½,8½) (10,8) colour black

F)      (6½,8½) (6½,9½) (7½,9½) (8½,8½) (7½,7½) (7,8)

G)     (8½,8½) (9½,7) (9,6½) (8,7) (7½,7½)

H)     (8½,7) (9,7½) (8½,8) (8,7½) (8½,7) colour black

I)        (9½,6) (11,7) (11½,7) (12,6½) (11,5½) (10,5) (9½,6) colour black

J)      (13½,7) (13½,6½) (12,5) (10,4½) (9,4½) (6½,5½) (8,3½) (9,3½) (12,5)

K)      (6,5½) (7, 5½)

L)       (8,3½) (5½,5) (5½,5½) (5, 5½) (4,5)

M)    (4,5) (3,4) (3,2) (3½,2) (4,4) (5½,5)

N)     (3½,2) (3½,1) (11,1) (11,3) (10,2) (7,2) (4,4)

O)     (12, 5) (12, 2½) (11,2) (11,4½)

In year 6 we were having a go at drawing a few of our own and writing the instrcutions with them, the best ones will be put up on the blog this week and also on the school website.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

As promised here are my favourite two pieces of work handed in this week (there were a lot to choose from). I have chosen them for being extremely different but equally as well organized and calculated, well done Zita and Karishma! To see their work close have a look at it on the Chatsworth website in the Mathemagicians section!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Maths Homework 15th January 2014

The work being produced in class has been absolutely fantastic! Our presentation and clarity of explanation has been improving every week. This week I am going to upload a copy of the best solution to this problem! Feel free to add your explanation as a comment as well though!

Mr Troy

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Maths Club 8th January

The children in the Chatsworth Maths Club have been having a go at some really hard multi-step problems using all aspects of number! Can you give us your answer?

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Kensukes Kingdom

Mr Troys Literacy Group Comprehension Questions

Children, please click on the link and complete the comprehension questions for Wednesday please. Remember to elaborate on your answers to ensure you get the maximum marks!