Friday, 14 February 2014

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

1.Why does Dumbledore think it is so important for Harry to learn more about Voldemort’s past? How do they go about gathering this information?

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  1. harry learns that Dumbledore is giving him information to help him defeat Voldemort by finding out the memories of his past that makes him tick because in his past he stole some important objects; the Hufflepuff cup; the Slytherin locket. All hidden in the
    houses of Hogwarts.These thing may unleash some things that voldemort cannot bear and will try to take him down.

    They gather information by a memory in a crystal vial in a large cabinet. The is a stone called the persivle that holds a magical source of water that lets you drop a tiny bit of the memory and lets you see it.That is how Harry gathers information to stop Voldemort in his devious schemes to depordize take over the whole wizarding community. This lead to ways Harry could defeat lord V