Monday, 19 May 2014

Our Book Bus!

Here at Chatsworth Primary School our library is a little different from most other schools............ it's a library bus! We have had the bus in our playground since 2012 and the inside has all the library books and seating for us to read our favourite books! We love to update our library with new books all the time, so Quadbloggers, can you suggest your favourite book and tell us why it deserves a place on our very own library bus!? We will provide additional information about our bus with pictures inside later in the week.


  1. I would like to have "Lexi Land" in the library bus because it's a sad and happy book about a girl called Emma who has a twin that die on her birthday.Since then Emma finds a friend called Lexi who is loud and funny, to fix her broken heart.
    By Kiran.

  2. The books i enjoy reading are the Harry Potter books because it's adventurous, magical and those are what people expect in a book. It has some vocabulary that children could learn from and chapters end with a cliffhanger so you never know what's going to happen. By Yousef

  3. I think 'Demon Dentist' by David Williams should be on the book bus because you can never predict what will happen next. This book is full of surprises and unpredictable endings.

    1. This books is one I have been meaning to read for a while now, his books seem very funny!

  4. I don't have a favourite book (too many to choose from!), but I do like the whole of the Chocolate Box Girls series by Cathy Cassidy. Picking just one of them is very hard, but I've chosen 'Summer's Dream' because it is just a really good read. Once I had started reading it, I just couldn't stop! It's about a girl with a dream, and does crazy things to make the dream reality. I'm not going to go into too much more detail about it, because that will totally spoil reading it, but it is definitely the perfect book for girls with a dream. (Mainly for girls aged 9+).

  5. My favourite book is Harry Potter ad the Phillosophere's stone because it's adventures.

  6. Diary of a wimpy kid because it is funny and comical. It is spectacular to read with funny scenarios in every book. Rishy

  7. Hmm, does it have to be just one book? I mean, I can't decide to put just one of the Harry Potters up there, can I?

    Well, my favourite series is Artemis Fowl, by Eoin Colfer. The plot is much too sci-fi to explain, but I must say, it's probably the overall most clever stuff I've ever read.

    1. We have just finished reading that in one of our guided reading sessions, it is very clever indeed!

    2. I must say, as well, this series is one that really improves as it progresses! I've read all seven of the series.

  8. My favourite book is 'Ratburger' by David Walliams because it includes suspense and makes the reader read on and on. It also includes pictures to help with the description used in the book (not saying there isn't enough already!). Humor is what I think the book includes the most overall.
    I'm sure some of you guys out there in the world are familiar to the book I chose, but some of might not know what Ratburger is about. This book is about a girl, Zoe, who has a pet rat called Armitage. Worst of all Burt, has terrible plans for her pet rat...
    That's why I think 'Ratburger' by David Walliams deserves a place in the library bus.

    1. I would love to hear about all of your favourite books too!


  9. My favourite book is called Holes.
    In this book Stanley Yelnats is accused of stealing a pair of sneakers and is sent to camp green lake. At camp green lake him and all the other boys dig holes to build up character.It doesn't take long for Stanley to realize there's more than character improvement going on at Camp Green Lake. The boys are digging holes because the warden of this camp is looking for something.
    This book defiantly deserves a place in the book bus.

  10. I think Threads, because the story is outstanding about 4 friends sharing happiness and problems together. Beside, most of the books are too boring for year 6 pupils. Also the books are more interesting for girls than boys. Now there will be for boys too. So it would be fair.


  11. My favourite books are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney. I love to read them as they are all absolutely hilarious! I think that every book in the series deserves a place on our library bus because everyone will enjoy them. Jeff Kinney has used loads of pictures to make the books more interesting. Believe it or not, there is one picture on every page!

  12. The book that I recommend is a book called Zom-B. This is a fantastic book, not something for young readers but defiantly one for people in year 5 and over. This book is about a young teenage girl who lives an ordinary life with ordinary friends and an ordinary family. Apart from her dad who is a racist. But then out of nowhere a zombie apocalypse had broken loose in her school and their next target was the girl.

  13. My favourite book is...... Sapphire Battersea by Jacqueline Wilson.
    It's the best book ever.

    What is it about?
    It is about Sapphire Batersea known as Hetty Feather trying to find her mum.
    She was sent up to a foundling hosptital. There is the adventures are just starting. But there is more books about her : Hetty Feather and Emerald Star.

    Why should it be in the Library Bus?

    The books in the bus to my opinion are all mundane and timid.Those are around either take one and won't read one or don' t lay a foot on it.
    Jacqueline is my favourite author. But there isn't any of her books around.It is so eye catching and I don't have to go the Iselworth Library. It so adventurous and keen. That's what they are for to keep everything interesting.

  14. Hi 6JT
    A 'Book Bus' sounds really cool. We have a library too and we are doing a 40 book challenge. We set a goal of how many books we will read a year. I am readung 70. You should take it up too.

    Have a fun time in your 'Book Bus'
    Sunshine and Rainbows

    1. That's a lot of books you are going to read this year Hana!

      Minal :)

  15. Hey 6JT,
    My name is Zoe and I am from Selwyn House.
    Your book bus is really innovative & creative!
    It looks really quirky!

    My favourite books are:

    - The one and only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate
    - The terrible thing that happened to Barnaby Brocket, by John Boyne
    - See you at Harrys, by Jo Knowles

    If you can check out my class blog that would be great!

  16. That sounds really fun Hana. I can't decide what book to choose so I'm choosing a series by Morris Gleitzman, Once, Then, Now and After. They're about a jewish boy living in World War 2 in Poland. He came out of an orphanage in Once at the age of ten I think, and didnt know anything about the Nazis or even Adolf Hitler because all the Nuns in the orphanage are praying for him. His journey is how he finds out about everything and on the way he meets Zelda, a six year old girl, Barney, a night dentist and Genia. I think the whole series is really good and that people who are intersted in these type of stories.


  17. I love the geek girl and chocolate box girls series they are soooooooooooooooooooooo funny.

  18. Amy (Mr.Warnock's class)21 May 2014 at 15:58

    That is such a neat idea! I've never seen, let alone been in a book bus but I would imagine that it would be really amazing sitting in a bus reading your favourite book... Anyways, I have too many favourite books to choose from but I have to recommend "The Fault in our Stars" By:John Green. This book is just so heartwarming but also heartbreaking at the same time. The main characters Hazel and Gus (Augustus) both have cancer. I won't say anymore because I'm afraid I'll spoil it but I hope you take it into consideration! Please tell me your favourite books too!

    1. "The Fault in our Stars" by John Green sounds really exciting and sad at the same time, I would love to read it myself! And sitting in the library bus does feel good while reading your favourite book.


  19. Ermergawsh.. I'm so jealous of you guys right now, I wish my school had a bus like that. Can you actually ride it to a field trip or something? (I'm guessing no but it would be pretty cool if you guys could aha) Anyway, amongst the hundreds of books that I have read in my life, there are more than plenty that have been so magnificent and unique, hence why I can't choose only a book or two to be considered a "favourite". But, authors such as John Green, Allen Zadoff, Veronica Roth and etc. are the I also can't forget online reading either! (Which I spend half of my life doing) Overall, there are many incredible books that I have read and hopefully more to come!

    1. No, we can't actually ride it anywhere - but we can still beep the horn!

  20. Wow! That is awesome! I would really like to have a library bus in our school. I think it would really motivate me to read more. I don't read many books, but I do read a type of book. MANGA! I love to read Manga, whether its on my phone, book, or computer! I'm not sure what my favorite Manga would be though. I only have 2 books, and I'm still planning to get more! My favorite genres, however, are action, horror, and comedy. I prefer Manga over any book, but our choices may differ.

  21. Hi 6JT,

    Your 'book bus' sounds amazing! It is such a cool and unique idea, to turn a bus into a library! My favourite books would have to be ...
    - The series by Morris Gleitzman, Once, Then, Now and After
    - See you at Harrys by Jo Knowles
    - The series by Veronica Roth, Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant
    The series by Morris Geitzman is a really good read, it is about an escaped jewish orphan in The World War 2 in Poland and all about his adventures.
    See you at Harrys is an amazing book about a family of 6 that own a ice cream store, there are lots of surprises in the book that will make you laugh and cry!
    The series by Veronica Roth is one of my most recent reads, I love these books because they are very different and hook you in.

    - Tilly

    Check out a blog as well!

  22. Hi 6JT,

    I love the sound of your 'book bus'! It sounds amazing. It's a great idea for a library, especially to renovate something old into something new!
    My favourite books would have to be...
    • The Fault in Our Stars - By John Green
    • Divergent - Veronica Roth
    • See You at Harry's - Jo Knowles

    I hope you enjoy these books!

    -> Georgia 8C

  23. Hello 6JT my name is Makenzie

    I think that your library bus is awesome!! It is such a good way to save space and very unique. I am going to give you some books that you should get in your library. I love to read Michael Morpurgo's books because they are always about an animal and I love to read about animals. These are some of my favourite books of Michael Morpurgo's that I have read ...

    - Farm Boy
    - Butterfly Lion
    - The Last Wolf
    - Not Bad For A Bad Lad
    - Little Manfred
    - Shadow
    - The Dancing Bear
    - Born To Run

    My favourite book of his would have to be Shadow because it is about war and a kind loving boy and his mother that get put in prison and refuse not to go back to Afghanistan, and they meet a dog called shadow along there big journey!! The others are all up there in my favourites to. Love to hear from you soon!! :)

    From Makenzie
    Selwyn House School
    New Zealand

  24. I am gonna have to choose a John Green book like a couple of my other classmates. My personal favourite from his collection of books would be Looking For Alaska. Its about a student who transfers to a boarding school and he makes some friends but afterwards a very surprising event had happened. I think in the book the author had somehow managed to make all the characters so different and unique.

  25. Hi 6JT,

    I really love your library bus as it is a very cool Idea to have in your school
    One book i recommend is the running dream as it is very captivating to read and it keeps you on edge. Its about a girl who goes through a lot just because of a car crash
    and she goes through lots of surgery

    8C Selwyn house

  26. Book + bus = AWESOME!

    I think you should read Hugo Cabret.I just want you to read it. I'm not going to tell you what its about because it's better and more interesting if you read it yourselves.
    I wish we had a book bus.