Friday, 14 February 2014

Toms Midnight Garden

Read through the book and then re-read chapter 4 and answer the following questions.
Top of p.31
Explain what it means when it says:  ‘He (Tom) would have to play a very careful game: by innocent – seeming references he must hit home…’ to shame his aunt and uncle.  What did Tom want to do? 
Define (write the meaning of) ‘indignantly’.
Why did Tom become very indignant on this page?
What was different this time when Tom tried to open the door to the garden? Explain as fully as you can.
Find 3 words or phrases on this page that describe exactly how Tom was feeling.
Top line on p.38
What does the word ‘matured’ mean in “Tom matured his plan”?
Why do you think Mrs. Bartholemew is smiling in her sleep?


  1. 2. Indignantly means angry because of something that is wrong or not fair.
    3. Tom was indignant because no one told him about the garden and because the garden was not there this morning but was there last night.
    4. The difference was that the door opened fast and quiet.
    5. 'he did not understand' is confused, with trembling fingers is excited, 'It would be awkward to make noise out there-falling over dustbins or the car or anything' is worried to not wake anyone up.
    6. Matured in "Tom matured his plan" means tom made his plan better.
    7. In the book it said she was dreaming of her childhood scenes so she was smiling because she had a nice childhood and a nice dream.

    1. Star : Great job Martyna! I really liked how you used different adjectives like fast and quiet.
      Star : You used great punctation and great verbs.
      Wish : You should of used capital letters for Tom and for he , at the begining of the sentance.

  2. 1.Tom had to play a carefull game bescause he was in the garden at mid-night.
    2.Inignantly means when someone is mad/angry because someting happened , or was not fair with the person.
    3.Tom was indignant because nobody told him about the garden in the first place.
    4.The difference was that the door opened faster , than the other time when he tried.
    5.Tom was:excited,confused and as well being worried.
    6.Matured means when somebody makes something better or much more formal.
    7.Mrs.Bartholemew was wondering about Tom and, reading the book of childhood matters as well she had a great dream.

  3. 1. Tom did not want his aunt or uncle to know that he to the grandfather clock so he must be very careful.
    2. Indignantly means when someone is very angry with something.
    3. Tom became very indignant because he was not told about the garden and was not there in the morning.
    4.When Tom opened the door this time, the door was silent and rapid.
    5.he had no clue, scared and a bit wierd for him.
    6.He developed his plan and made it better.
    7.She had a good childhood and she was dreaming of it

  4. 1.Tom was upset.
    2.indignantly means angry or annoyed at something thats unfair.part2 he was angry that he couldn't go to the door and everyone is telling him that nothing is there.
    3, he was scared and exited at the same time.
    4. frustrated,annoyed and confused.
    5. he could re-do his plans.
    6. because she had a good dream.