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Kensukes Kingdom

Mr Troys Literacy Group Comprehension Questions

Children, please click on the link and complete the comprehension questions for Wednesday please. Remember to elaborate on your answers to ensure you get the maximum marks!


  1. 1) What Micheal meant by saying ‘so enraged that consequences didn’t matter to me’. was that he was so angry he did not care about what would happen to him next.
    2)By this time I had already decided how best I could defy him
    “Are you watching old man?” I shouted. “Look! I’ve crossed over. I’ve crossed your silly line.
    3) Thrashed means pushed about rapidly.
    Translucent mean see-through.
    Excruciating means very painful.
    4) “Thrashed the sea in my fury – making it boil and froth around all me” means Micheal is so angry that he was making the water boil and froth.
    5)That was the moment I felt it, a searing, stinging pain in the back of my neck
    Death I knew would stop it.
    These moments create tension because for the first extract you think what is hurting Micheal and the second one makes you thing will Micheal try and kill himself.
    Section B
    Micheal thought that it was certain death and that there was no hope left at all. He now regretted jumping straight into the sea but he still hated the old man. He wanted to strangle him and kill him but right now all he hoped for was life. Suddenly Micheal heard a big splash and someone lifted Micheal to the top of the water.

    It was the old man. Now he did not want to hurt him but instead thank him for helping Micheal. Once the got out of the water the man gave him fish and fruit to eat. But the man only gave the food after making Micheal promise to follow his rules and to not break them. As Micheal accepted he ate like a hungry wolf gnawing on it`s prey.

    1. Well answered questions Trishul, Your two paragraphs give an interesting addition to the story. In future try to add more detail to the story through the use of adverbial phrases and adjectives.

  2. 1. By 'so enraged that consequences didn't matter to me' Michael means that he was so angry he did didn't care about any consequences.
    2. These are the two evidence that say that Michael is angry with the old man: I swam furiously and I don’t care what you say.
    3. I think thrashed means kick the water, translucent means see through or transparent and excruciating means horrible.
    4. Michael's mood means he is angry so he starts kicking the water and when it says making it boil and froth around that means he had kicked the water so much that it started to boil.
    5. I was sinking and I was going to die make a tension because people think 'oh no what is going to happen to him' and that he found himself in a very dangerous situation.

    1. Well answered question Martyna, why would 'I swam furiously suggest he is angry with the old man? I think there are some other examples you could use.

    2. Thank-you and I chose the word furiously because it means angry but yes I could of used other examples like 'then I turned and charged down the beach into the sea'. Charged is a word that describes how someone walks and he was angry so he charged down the beach.

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  4. Q2 The old man was not feeding him.

  5. Q3 thrashed means crashing in to something.and tranclucent means travel and extracting means extending.

    1. Have a look at a dictionary Mustafa and think of the context of the story.

  6. Question 1:
    Michael felt so angry that he did not matter about any other problems to do with him

  7. This paragrath show's me that kensuke isen't really getting Along With,the old man.By that i mean that They don't like each other.
    I think that excruciating Means When your really angry and someone is enoying you ,and your fed up with him,Your excruciating.

    the word translucent Means When you can see throu Something.For example the woterbottle is translucent.

    I think that thrashed means when your agresive and you hit something.

    In the third Paragraph The jelly fish is described as dangerous Large translucent .

  8. 1. Michael means he is so angry that all he wanted to do was be angry and not listen

    2.“Are you watching old man?” I shouted., 'I trod water and thrashed the sea in my fury'

    3.Trashed means to toss around violently. e.g The water thrashed.
    Translucent means clear and not opaque. e.g The glass was translucent.
    Excruciating means extremely painful. e.g The pain was excruciating.

    4. The sea was thrashing violently like Michael's mood which was very angry and when it says making it "boil and froth around all me" Micheal must have been getting very hot much like boiling water.

    5. ' The agony was immediate and excruciating. ' , ' Death I knew would stop it. '
    I chose the first piece of evidence because it uses the author chose three very interesting words which draw the reader in and makes the reader want to know what happens next. I chose the second piece of evidence because again makes the reader want to know what happens next.

    6. I slowly wrenched my eyes open I couldn't believe it I was alive. As I scanned the place I was in a familiar voice said gently "Now do understand why I drew the line." "Well..... yes...... now" I answered in hesitation.Then the old man fed me and cleaned my wounds and he told me his name it was a strange name a which I had not heard of. His name was Kensuke,he told me the U was silent which I found really confusing.

    The next day was one of the the I had spent on the island that day Kensuke taught me the skills to survive alone he taught me how to: Catch food,Pick fruit from very long trees,How to climb tall trees and make a compass out of a coconut shell two sticks all in one morning. but none of that could beat sundown when Kensuke took me to a very upraised point on the island and said "Lie on your back and look up." I did as he said and I was completely amazed. Saw colors of pink , purple and red all spilling around filling the entire sky.

  9. From Lars
    Michael describes himself as being ‘so enraged that consequences didn’t matter to me’; because the old man had destroyed his fire signal and that he didn’t care about if the thing he did had consequences he didn’t care.

    2. The two pieces of evidence from the first and second paragraphs that tell you that Michael is upset and angry with the old man are, That the old man destroyed Michael’s signal fire so the ship could not come and rescue him, and because he couldn’t swim in the water.

    3. The following words mean:

    A type of glass which you cannot see through very clearly but you still can see through it.

    To move in a violent and convulsive way.

    A way of saying extreme pain

    4. The description “thrashed the sea in my fury making it boil and froth around all me means that Michael is very angry and he jumps in a fierce way, he also feels like the water around him is hot because of how angry he is. The mood of the character is currently very frustrated and furious.

    5. The two phrases that give tension and a sense of danger are, He was shouting something at me, waving his stick. That was the moment I felt it, a searing, stinging pain in the back of my neck, then my back, and my arms too, and, I kicked for the shore, but I could not do it. My legs seemed paralyzed, my arms too. I was sinking.

  10. 1. In the first paragraph Michael describes himself as being ‘so enraged that consequences didn’t matter to me’. Explain in your own words what you think he means by this.
    Michael did not think of his actions and acted in anger. He did not think of what would happen after.
    2. Find TWO pieces of evidence from the first and second paragraphs that tell you that Michael is upset and angry with the old man.
    Michael was sad because he couldn't get back home and tell his family why and where he went.
    and Michael was shouting a lot.

    3. What do the following words from the second and third paragraphs mean: thrashed; translucent; excruciating?
    Thrashed- when a person hits or breaks something
    Translucent - when something is see through
    Excruciating - when something absolutely and utterly hurts

    4. In the third paragraph Michael “thrashed the sea in my fury – making it boil and froth around all me”. Explain in your own words what you think this description means and how it reflects Michael’s mood.
    Michael was so angry that he swam so fast with fast and hard strokes.(Thrashed the sea in my fury)

    5. In the third paragraph the jellyfish attack is described in detail. Find TWO pieces of evidence that create tension and a feeling of danger in this paragraph. Explain in your own words why they are effective.
    The man was waving a stick as a warning that he was in danger also the jellyfish were hunting him.

    Suddenly Michael became weak and was unable to continue swimming back to shore.
    The old man notice Michaels movement slow and saw him struggle. He decided to help Michael and save him if he could.
    The old man took his stick and headed towards the sea. He swam as fast as he could toward Michael and tackled through the jelly fish using his stick, as he splashed his way through he saw Michael's head dipping and he began to panic.
    The old many swam as fast as he could to save Michael before he lost his conscious.
    Luckily the old man approached Michael and offered his hand to lift his arm around him. Shouting for help and the old man and Michael staggered their way back to shore. As Michael lay on the sand shore the old man gathered bamboo and leafs to make a shelter in the hope Michael will survive.

    1.I think it might mean that he doesn't care about anything.
    2.The two evidence:
    A.By this time I had already decided how best I could defy him.
    B.I’ve crossed your silly line. And now I’m going to swim. I don’t care what you say.
    3.The following words meaning:
    A. Thrashed-Crushed.
    B. Translucent-Vivid.
    C. Excruciating-Dolorous.
    4.I think it explains that he was in a bad mood and I think the phrase describes that he is in a pain.
    5.When he said I was choking and his mouth was filled with water that bit created a tense and a dangerous situation.

  12. kensuki's kingdom
    1)He feel hurt that he couldn't try to find his parents.
    2)a:Michael shouted are you watching old man.
    b:Michael thrashed the sea in fury
    a:translucent is an opaque figure or object that has light shining from around it.
    b:thrashed is when you are whipped hard that it agonizes you.
    c:excruciating is when your are in agonizing pain.
    Michael's mood can get the better of him.it reflects on me how Michael was desperate to find his parents.
    a:I felt it, a searing, stinging pain in the back of my neck, then my back, and my arms too.
    b:A large, translucent white jellyfish was floating right beside me, its tentacles groping at me.
    it makes you feel that emotion that Michael's experiencing when he see's and feels
    the jellyfish's tentacles

    creative writing
    After a while a warm smell drifted across my nose and I felt a weird substance in my
    neck. the first thing I saw was kensuke (extremely blurry) .Stella Artois started to like me.Her soft white fur made you happy. kensuki sat by himself painting shells.
    i did not think he would save me after all the horrible things I had said about him.
    my body still hurt. i blamed myself of what great danger i was in. kensuki sat silently.

    that afternoon i decided to say sorry of all the things I said just because of a little fire. i felt a bit better even though the pain nearly killed me I managed to walk and sit next to kensuki and watch him paint.why was he upset....

  13. 1. I think that consequences didn't matter to him because stella was beside him .
    2. very deliberately stepped over it as i did so i let him know precisely what i was doing,i trod water and thrashed the sea in my fury.
    3.thrashed means making movement violently.
    translucent means allowing light to pass through.
    excruciating means very intense.
    4.Michel was extremely violent and unbearable and lost his mined .
    5.when Michel said death i knew would stop it that this will not make him feel anything as he mentioned my legs seemed paralyzed .
    6. i think when the waves take Michael to the shore the man finds him and will save him .

  14. 1. I think that Michael means that he didn't want to move to a boat named Peggy Sue, instead of moving he wanted to stay in his old home.
    2. "Are you watching, old man?” I shouted, and the second one is ,except the old man, the mad man.
    3. Thrashed means that like splashed. Translucent means see through, and i think the third one means scary.
    4. I think “thrashed the sea in my fury – making it boil and froth around all me” , means making the water wild.
    5. The part of the jellyfish is scary because it has used really interesting words to make the reader on and to make the scene dangerous.

    Angela 6JT

  15. 1.I think Micheal was very cross that the old man didn't let anyone pass the line on the beach.So Micheal was very cross and ignored how much trouble he would be in afterwards.
    2.Micheal is cross with the old man because the old man didn't let anyone pass the line even though he dosen't own the beach and because he didn't like what the old man said.
    3.thrashed means violently moving translucent means letting light to pass throught exruciating means having pain like intense hard pain.
    4.I think Micheal is trying to say while he was swimming he made the water look dull and hot.
    5.Tentacles groping at me sounds horrifying because like tentacles from another creature somebody or something you don't know as a friend or pet is horrible.The agony was immediate and excrutiating because agony means in pain helpless with no help to come for if someone is being hurt by someone else they scream or beg that person to stop.
    6.I manage to start getting closer to shore but still being stung by the jelly fish eventually managing to get to shore i am pulled by the old man after being aidded by him he starts shouting at me and being very cross saying ''you fool!'' ''i warned you!'' others from houses come and see what happened

    Later i was taken to hospital and treated my parents were very worried and very cross with me i had to stay in hospital for 28 hours.When we came home Mum and Dad were very cross with me they shouted at me for going to swim with no one watching him who i knew.