Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mean, median, mode and range!

Can you help Zelda the Zoologist with her problem? Explain your calculations using full sentences please!!


  1. The range is 37 because you minus the lowest number by the highest number, the median is 262 because you list them from smallest to largest and find the middle number and the mean is 260. 4 because you add all the numbers up and divide it by how many numbers there are.
    From Yousef

  2. Mean = (256+278+265+262+241) / 5 = 260.4
    Numbers arranged in ascending order : 241, 256, 262, 265, 278
    Median = 262
    No number occurs more than once so we can't find the mode.
    Mode = None
    The range = Highest term - lowest term
    Range = (278 - 241) = 37
    Zelda shouldn't use the range to report back as it is only 37 and it's very less compared to the given weight.
    She can either use the median or mode. It's easy to find the median without doing any calculations so she should use it to report back.

  3. 241,256,262,265,278
    The median is whaen you put your currant numbers in order from smallest to largest and then find the middle number.Median=262kg.
    The mean is when you add all your current numbers and then divede the result by how many numbers there are.Mean=260.4kg.
    The mode is the most common number but in in the sequence above the numbers only come up once so there is no mode.
    The range is the smallest number substractedfrom the highest number.Range=37kg.

  4. I think Zelda should calculate the median; but just in case... I will do the mean, median, mode and range. First I will do the median, which is - 262 because if you put the 5 numbers into order, 241, 256, 262, 265 and 278, the middle of the sequence is the third box. The mode is 0 because there is no number which occurs is more than once. The mean is 1302 because if you add all the weights up you get the answer. Finally, the range which is 37 because if you minus the biggest number by the smallest number it makes the answer. But I think Zelda should calculate the median so the animals are at a balanced diet.


    1. A very good explanation of finding the median Hamza! What have you forgotten to do when finding the median?

  5. The average is 260.4.
    If you do 256+278+265+262+241=1302.
    And 1302/5=260.4.

  6. The mean is -256+278+265+262+241 divided by 5=260.4
    The median is 262 because when you order the numbers the middle number is 262.
    The range is 37 because the highest number (278) divided by the lowest number(241) is 37.
    Zelda should report back the mean because the range is too small and she does not want her boss to think that she is over-feeding the lions so she must choose the value that is smaller out of the two ,that is the mean.

    1. An excellent explanation Mahliqa, why wouldn't we use the range?

  7. The mean in this case is the sum of all the numbers 256+278+265+262+241 = 1302, then divide by it the number of numbers - 5. 1302 divide by 5 =260.4 kg.The median is found by arranging all the weights in order from highest to lowest - 241, 256, 262, 265, 278 - then take the middle number which is 262.There is no mode as no number occurs more than once.the range is the highest number minus the lowest number -
    278 minus 241 = 37.

    Mean = 260.4
    Median = 262
    Mode = There is no mode.
    Range = 37

    The average that Zelda should show to her boss is the range because it is the lowest number, proving that she is not over-feeding the zoo animals.

  8. The range is not an average year 6! We are taught the range alongside mean, median and mode because it is another way of displaying data! I think Zelda would be under-feeding if she fed the lions 37kg worth of food!

  9. The mean is 241+265+262+256+278=1302/5=260.4
    The median is found by making the numbers in order= 241,256,262,265,278 so the middle number is the median which is 262.
    there is no mode because there is no most common number.
    the range is 37 , the range is the biggest number take away the smallest number so the calculation is 278-241=37

  10. Mode:None

  11. Zelda should use the range because it's the lowest number which proves Zelda's not over feeding the animals.

    1. The range is not an average year 6! We are taught the range alongside mean, median and mode because it is another way of displaying data! I think Zelda would be under-feeding if she fed the lions 37kg worth of food!

  12. To find the mean you need to add the numbers 256+278+265+262+241 the answer is 1302 then divide the number by the numbers there are there are 5 numbers Your total answer is 260.4 kg.To find the median you need to order the number from lowest to highest and see what is the number in the middle Your answer is 262.You can find the mode by finding a number more than once,No number occurs then once.That means there is no mode.To find the Range you need to minus the lowest number from the highest number your unswer is 37