Sunday, 29 September 2013

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This week in year 6 we will be looking at instructions! Here I have stumbled across a great link on how to take the perfect free kick! (As mine seem to end up in my neighbours garden!)

Can you try and write a set of instructions on how to take the perfect curling free kick?


  1. How to curl
    1.First choose which side you want to curl the football.
    2.Once you have chosen the side you are going to curl hit the ball with the inside of your foot.
    3.Although it is hard keep trying and never give up.

    1. Star: Good detail.
      Star: Clear instructions written.
      Wish: Could include the apparatus on what you need when you do the free kick.

  2. first you could use more instructional writing and describe a bit more on the aspect and put more detail as when you are telling someone on how to take a good free kick with curl on it

  3. How to do a perfect curling free kick:

    *A goalie
    *A goal

    1.Get your ball in the middle position of the goal.
    2.Then kick the ball at angle (diagonal) .
    3.You must kick the ball up so when you kick it you can see it curl.
    4.After that kick the ball and you should have the perfect curling kick.


    1. Great set of instructions Harmoni I'm very impressed.

  4. 1.Get your ball in the middle of the field.
    2.Kick the Ball from the left or right side of your foot (depending on if you are right or left foot) at an angle.
    3.See if the ball curles around and if it doesn't try again.

    from Martyna

  5. How to make a Perfect Free kick:

    What You Need:
    A goalie A Football And a Person and a Goal
    1.First set up a postion in the middle of the goal line
    2.Then Kick the ball in a perfect diagonal Line
    3.Then Kick the ball up into the sky and You will see it Curl in the sky
    4.Then You will see your perfectly good curling goal Score!!!

  6. firstly you curl the ball.
    it is very important to use your long kicking foot, an place it beside the ball.
    you kick it with the front side of your foot.
    kick the ball upwards so it can curl
    then you have a good free kick.
    by anonymus

  7. 1.Put ball in middle of goal.
    2. Kick in middle to top.
    3.Make sure to hit on the outside.
    4.Kick and see your amazing goal.

  8. How to curl:
    1.Choose which side you want to curl your football.
    2.Kick the football with the inside of your foot, remembering to aim for the goal.
    3.Watch and hope you have scored a goal.

  9. 1. Position the ball in the middle of the area you're playing in.
    2.Hit on the outside to create a spin to curl the ball.
    3.Kick and see you own curl free kick.

  10. How to do a perfect curl.
    1. Choose which side you want to kick, left or right
    2. Use your side foot.
    3. Kick it a bit hard and you have just done a perfect curl. From Yousef

  11. How to strike a perfect curling freekick.
    1.Choose a position then place the ball.
    2.After you have chosen your position,you want to strike the ball in the outside of the
    ball using your top middle part of your foot.
    3.Then just celebrate your perfect curl goal.

    1. well done Andrei
      star:you used great use of instructinal writing
      Wish:spaces (free kick)

  12. To do an amazing curled free kick you put you left foot in the middle and then kick it on the side if your a left footer then to do the opposite

  13. For this, you will need:
    A football
    A person
    A goal
    A goalie
    1). First, place the ball on the center of the goal line
    2). Decide what direction you want to curl the ball and kick it upwards.
    Helpful tip : Whenever you kick the ball, kick it with the side of your foot.
    3). Stand there and watch your perfect curl into the goal!
    (Hopefully, this goal will not land in your neighbours garden.)

  14. To curl a football you have to:
    Put the ball in the middle of the goal line.
    Then (making sure you kick it on the outside) you have to kick the ball diagonally with the top of your foot.
    It should curl around the people protecting the goal and go in.
    That is how you score a perfect free kick!

  15. How to score a perfect curling free kick

    What you need:

    *A football
    *A goal
    *A footballer
    *A goalkeeper


    * First, position your ball and make sure that it is still.
    * Next, angle yourself so that the ball will move diagonally.
    * Then, using the outside of your foot, kick the ball into the air accordingly to the distance at which you are standing.
    * Be persistent and don't give up. Keep going until you reach success.

    1. A good peice of instructions Arohi. I am impressed!

  16. How to do a perfect curl in a free kick
    1.Firstly, put the ball in the middle of the goal line.
    2.Next choose the side you are going to curl the ball.
    3.Then kick the ball upwards with the inside of your foot.
    4.The ball will go flying through the air into the goal!!!!!!!!


  17. firstly if you want to have a terrific curling free kick ;
    1.put the ball in the middle of the pitch.
    2.then kick the ball the side you want to kick it in.
    3. finally watch your extraordinary curling free kick

  18. A good curling free kick
    1.first of all you put the ball in the middle of the pitch
    2.after that you kick the ball which ever side you like
    3.then you kick the ball with the outside of your foot.
    4.finally you watch your amazing free kick go in.

  19. STAR:good clear instructions.
    STAR:the video tells you a lot about how to take free kick.
    WISH:the video should be a little bit longer and it should say the things you will need.

  20. Firstly you need your apparatus to get started with
    (e.g. football clothes, a football, or you maybe your defenders).
    you need the number of players you need.
    *Secondly now you need to put the football in the goal line.
    *Next you need to choose the side were your going to curl the ball in.
    *And then you pass the ball to the player your passing at then the other player will shoot the ball flying through into the air into the goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. apparatus:
    free kick taker.
    firstly you are going to need to put your ball into the correct posistion.
    finaly you are going to need to kick the ball over the wall and try to curve it so you have a chance in scoring.